Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Here's a little poem for "Father's Day" to all you Daddy's out there.

By Robert Blaske

“Daddy’s Home !” she’d yell down the hall,
And come running - with her announcement to all.
“Daddy’s Home !” what a joyful sound to a weary ear.
My little girl’s happy cause her daddy was here.

“Daddy’s Home !” all welcome the hero
My energy level climbed up from zero.
Kisses touched both my heart and my face.
And the day’s troubles were easy to erase.

“Daddy’s Home !” I don’t hear much anymore.
But its familiar echo rests in a brain cell drawer.
True, there’s other sayings there to recall,
A “Daddy’s Home !” memory causes tears to fall.

“Daddy’s Home !” – they’re simple words – only two
I wish that Daddies would listen with love in their heart.
To know their child’s joyful hero-trumpeting call.
To know love and feel like he’s ten feet tall.

“Daddy’s Home !” listen and you’ve earned a crown
More cherished than riches or being a man about town.
Give kisses freely, hugs, and be sure about being careful to listen
Memorize the words freely – cause some day you’re gonna miss ‘em.

“Daddy’s Home !” let this also be my goal.
When heavenward I pass with my name on the role.
Let me run to the throne with a smile, and joy in my heart,
Knowing I’m safe now cause God, My Father, has done His part.

Yes, Daddy’s Home.

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