Monday, July 26, 2010

Annual Run Of Bad Luck

     My father in law used to kid me about how sometimes I seem to be like a character portrayed in the cartoon strip "Lil' Abner". This miserable looking human walked around with a constant black rain cloud over  his head. His name was Joe Mishphlick or something similar.
     It does seem that I'll have an annual run of bad luck and then things will begin to straighten out back to normal in a few weeks. This particular event started out with the announcment that our water supply would be shut off for 24 hours while the plumber chlorinates the water system. Directions were not to drink the water and not to flush the toilets as the chlorine would contaminate even further. So the next morning I went potty like a good boy I had turned off the water supply and filled the bath tub with flush water. Ok, got a little pot and began to scoop out water...carefully. Can't flush...needs more water. Ok..more water = bigger pot. Big pot pour in toilet and side of pot hit wall and you guessed what happened. Ok...make coffee in new coffee pot...pour in water and space between the shelf and the coffee pot is no longer the same as with the old coffee pot. You guessed what happened with water all over. And at that momet I knew it was time for THE ANNUAL RUN OF BAD LUCK !
    Dolores and I had a few terse words about water on the floor in the bathroom and I had wandered down the hill to pick a few blackberries for our cereal when I heard the loud thump and a dog squeal several times. Bonnie? I callled her name several times. We've been training her constantly in an effort to keep her off of the main road and to stay on our property, but she doesn't always obey. Sure enough Bonnie had run in front of a pickup truck and was bleeding badly. We rushed her to the vet who had to amputate her back right leg. Poor little doggie has one of those big plastic cones on her neck and is slowly healing. This has been a traumatic experience for all of us.
    Add to this the fact that we had decided to redo the computer room, which looked sort of trashy, and had moved boxes and piles of junk in various places. You've probably taken your computer apart and then tried to put it back together again. If so, you know what happens.... you guessed it!
     If you get a chance to view the little video "I Shall Survive!" you'll see how things can happen to make you feel like a victim. Thing to remember is there are also the big good stuff things that happen - like celebrating 17 years of being cancer free and being married to a wonderful wife with a 57 year anniversary coming up this year. I shall survive! Thank you Lord !!!

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